New books
The Island of Birds: Book Two in the Dark Sea Trilogy (Volume 2) Austin Hackney A beautiful island. A rebellious princess. A terrible secret...When a... More
The Coral Strand Ravinder Randhawa From English winters to Indian summers. From the cold streets... More
XXL-Leseprobe: Alleine bist du nie Clare Mackintosh XXL-Leseprobe zu Clare Mackintoshs Alleine bist du nie:Zoe Walker fuhrt... More
The Master of Maryknoll Malcolm Saville Charles Reneslau, a talented young violinist, is living with some... More
A Vida Como Ela E... em 100 Ineditos Nelson Rodrigues “A vida como ela e...” dispensa maiores apresentacoes. Ja nos... More
Four White Horses and a Brass Band Violet McNeal The incredible experiences of a medicine woman in the great... More
Moving Targets: short stories Jason Cobley A shooting in a shopping mall. A Scottish wedding linked... More
No Cure for Fear Miriam A. Averna No Cure for Fear - an urban, medical thriller that... More
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